By Niels Erickson
& Tim F. Hess

Welcome to the world of Margali Morwentari, Sorceress-at-Large,
Queen of the White Tower and general entrepreneur.

Margali was once Queen over a vast majority of the Olde World realm.
Nowadays, she’s still the law unto herself on her own turf,
but after 800 years, her turf doesn’t cover much of the realm anymore.

The White Tower, once her central headquarters for ruling the realm,
is now a tourist attraction for adventurous knights and warriors,
hell-bent on having a terribly good time battling dragons and searching for treasure.

The Realm is a rich world filled with anachronisms.
Peasants still march with pitchforks and torches, usually when the cable goes out.
Zombies drive the village pizza delivery truck and a moat monster still patrols the
waters around the Tower, but the break room is filled with pastries and a microwave oven.
It’s sort of like Bugtussle, but with an Olde Worlde charm.

The Cast

Margali model sheet
Those that know her best sometimes refer to her as Auntie M. She is a very powerful
sorceress, but amazingly is often unable to control the chaos surrounding her. With great
power, comes great boredom, and hence the Tower. The sight of it once struck fear into
the hearts of stalwart adventurers... now, they line up to purchase one day tickets.
Of course some stay for the day, and some stay forever… whether they want to or not.
No one said adventuring was for the weak or timid!
“If members of your party have gone missing,
you are welcome to purchase them in our souvenir shop!“

Eddrygan model sheet
Every family has a skeleton in the closet - only Lucky Eddy has been out of the closet for
years! (But we're not judging!) Edd was once a delivery driver for Zomboni's Pizza
(30 minutes or it's late - and the driver's free!) but is now Margali’s number one assistant.
He's in charge of the graveyard shift (see the Boyz here) - but he’s also usually the first
one picked for some rather menial tasks, like feeding Boticelli, the moat monster, cleaning
out the moat or jogging in place so Margali can get some exercise. His number one goal in
the afterlife is to keep Margali from becoming bored, bored, bored! Being all bones does
have some disadvantages. Whenever Edd enjoys a mug of ale we hear,
it goes right through him.
"My boots are getting wet."

Wendell model sheet
Fussy, fastidious, shy, reclusive, and a worrier, Wendell is the Tower’s Office Manager,
Inhuman Resources Manager and Accountant - but he’d rather be a radio announcer.
He can often be heard making general announcements via the Tower’s public address
system. Wendell is not quite the ladies’ man and he may never work up the nerve to ask
Elsa out on a date, but he does occasionally go out with Fifi, the maid next door.
"She's French!"
"She's a poodle."

Mr. Vincent
Vicent model sheet

Boris Edgar Aloysius Vincent, or Vinnie to his friends - if he had any. Mr. V is the head of
The Bureau of Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, Naturalization,
Street and Sewer Repair. (The BTMWNMTKNS&SR)
Vincent pays frequent visits to the Tower in an attempt to find just
ONE local ordinance Margali has violated.
"You will answer for these infractions!"
"I was never very good at fractions."

Elsa Pretorius
Elsa model sheet
Elsa is Mr. Vincent’s secretary, a single woman taking CHARGE of her new life - yes, she
is the Divorcee of Frankenstein! She’s got a new ‘do and is looking for a man with a
sense of humor - someone who can keep her in stitches, if you will.
"Parts of me just want to go to pieces."

Bill Zee Bubba
Bubba model sheet
The demon mechanic.
“Your carbuerator’s not carbeurating, your radiator’s not radiating, and your pistons...
...well, they ain’t working either!”

Ms. Hellena Handbasket
Hellena model sheet
The ever-officious head of People for the Ethically Sound Treatment of Stuff.
The P.E.S.T.S. are determined to bring a PC touch to the Tower’s operations.

See the whole gang here

The Episodes
Storylines include:

" The Strike of the Living Dead "
The daily operation of the Tower is thrown into chaos when the graveyard shift calls in dead.
Seems they want a LIVING wage!

"P.E.S.T.S "
Meet Ms. Hellena Handbasket, head of the People for the Ethically Sound Treatment of Stuff
- and they’ve got a few problems with the way Margali’s running things.

"The Surprise Party"
The minions throw Margali a surprise party for her 829th birthday.

"Spring Cleaning"
Goodness knows what one might find in the Tower’s attic.
Watch out for those dust bunnies - they bite!

"Potion of the Month Club"
Margali subscribes to a warehouse potion club and the minions can’t
resist the temptation to give them a try!

"The Halloween Party"
It’s the realm’s version of New Year’s Eve - complete with Dorian Gray hosting
the Rockin’ Hallow’s Eve. Will Wendell get up enough nerve to ask Elsa to the big dance?

"The Camping Trip"
Margali and the minions go on a trust-building excursion to boost morale and teamwork.
Trust us, it doesn’t work.

"The High School Reunion"
Margali’s old classmates hold their 810th reunion in the Tower’s convention center.
Will Auntie M resist the temptation to exact a little revenge on the 'popular' kids?
We hope not.

"The M Files"
When there is a sharp drop in paranormal activity at the Tower, Margali and her partner
Skully (Eddrygan) must get to the bottom of Mr. Vincent’s conspiracy!

"Reality TV"
A TV producer wants to produce a reality TV show based on the goings on
behind the scenes at the Tower

"Dungeon Masters"
The Tower is overbooked when a convention for professionals dungeon managers
is mistaken for a sci-fi convention.


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