Joined in Progress

The Scripts

KJIP 101 "Pilot"

KJIP 102 "He's Not Late, He's Dead"

KJIP 103 "This is a Test"

The Staff

JOE PROGRESS (30-ish) inherited KJIP-TV from his late uncle, and town founder, Jeremiah Progress.
Joe left Progress, Iowa to pursue a career in advertising, eventually working his way up to head of programming for a small cable channel.
Joe is a decent guy with a strong sense of duty, honesty and family.

FAITH DENISON (30-ish) is Joe's high school sweetheart whom he dumped for a girl with a bigger chest.
(Joe wasn't always a decent guy. Years ago he was a dumb teenager.)
Faith still has a soft spot for Joe and becomes the bookkeeper for KJIP and one of Joe's most faithful advisers.

HARRY GREEN (55) is an egotistic, self-promoting bombastic news anchor.
He's been nominated for Anchor of the Year for 25 consecutive years, but has never won.
Harry's counting the minutes until he can retire to that special little bungalow in Miami.
When hard times require a new career path, he reluctantly becomes "Uncle Harry" KJIP's new kid's club host.

EDWARD NELSON (50) is a gentleman's gentleman who serves as the Production Manager.
He is an old friend of the senior staff and a comforting mentor to the up and comers. Everyone calls him Nelson.
He enjoys being a thorn in Harry's side and shares a special platonic relationship with Bernadine.
Joe trusts Nelson's advice more than anyone else's. They have a relationship similar to that of an uncle & nephew.
He once had dreams of being a stage actor or an accomplished author.

BERNADINE BOONE, African-American, (60) is KJIP's Traffic Manager.
She has known Joe since he was in diapers and isn't afraid to do what it takes to keep him - or anyone else - in line.
She's more technically savvy than you might think and shares a special platonic relationship with Nelson.

GABE HARTFIELD (40) is the station engineer. Sometimes he may move a little slow or talk a little slow.
No one's ever quite sure what he's thinking - or what chemicals might be in his system - until he speaks.

VINCENT 'GUS' KELLY, (40) is a veteran of desert Storm and is now head of Master Control.
Unfortunately, Gus has a rather lengthy history of alien abductions and an understandable fear of secret government ops.
Remember, it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

THEODORE "T.D." DESMOND, African-American, (30) is a former local football hero, KJIP's Sports anchor, and the station's number one salesman.
T.D. is said to have the largest collection of T.J. HOOKER memerobilia in the U.S. - but he'll never admit it.

GRETCHEN JERGENSEN (25) is another Master Control Operator.
Gretchen's life-long goal is to be the first Norwegian member of the Swedish bikini team.
Gretchen is proud to be working at the number three station in Progress.
Psst - there are only two TV stations in Progress, but don't tell Gretchen.

MAX RODRIGUEZ (25) is the production guy. Max is in television for one thing - the ladies.

STAN WINSTROM (25) is the other half of the KJIP production team.
A polar opposite to Max, Stan is quite shy with the ladies.

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KJIP 102 "He's Not Late, He's Dead" (c) 2003 It's Over Productions Written by Tim F. Hess Date of first publication 3/1/03
KJIP 103 "This is a Test" (c) 2003 It's Over Productions Written by Tim F. Hess Date of first publication 9/13/03